• Can I get an education discount to purchase a computer if I am a student or faculty/staff member at Malone?
  • Can I get an education discount to purchase software?
  • Can I get a discounted version of Microsoft Office?
  • If I work at Malone can I get a discount on a personal computer?

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Malone University students, faculty, and staff have the ability to purchase computers at a discount through the following websites:

Here are the instructions for TigerDirect/PCM Business Direct:
  • Initial login credentials to prove you are with Malone:
    • Login: maloneuniversity
    • Password: welcome123

  • Once you have logged in with the above credentials, you will be taken to an account creation page where you will set up your name and email so you can purchase items for yourself.  When the registration is done, you receive a confirmation email
  • In addition to the discount (amount varies by product and whether or not the product is already greatly discounted), you can engage the Malone account manager to get "free shipping".  His name is Juan Borge and can be contact at Juan.Borge@pcm.com or 888.215.0140

Other vendors and manufacturers may have educational discounts available as well. Be sure to consult the vendor's web site or sales staff prior to making any technology purchase.


Many vendors offer education pricing discounts for software and applications. You should review the terms of the license to make sure there are not any limitations.

Malone has set up a store with OnTheHub.com for students, faculty, and staff to purchase software at an educational discount. Visit Malone's store at malone.onthehub.com . Software manufacturers and titles available on the site include:
  • Adobe: Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Various statistics packages including Minitab, IBM SPSS**, etc.
  • Parallels virtual machines
  • Thomson Reuters Endnote and Reference Manager
  • others...

*If you are currently employed by the University as a faculty or staff member, you have [free] Work-At-Home (WAH) rights to the MS Office suite as long as you are an employee of the University. This option does not extend to retirees.

**Malone has a campus site license for SPSS as well as the most commonly utilized Adobe products. Contact the Help Desk to inquire about adding an Adobe application to your Malone-owned computer.

Please Note: The Malone University Information Technology Department does not endorse one computer brand over another. Also, the Information Technology Department does not service personally-owned computers except for connectivity issues on campus. If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@malone.edu or 330.471.8428.