What is Malone Remote Access?
Can I access the Malone University network drives from home?
What do I need to connect to "Malone Remote Access"?
How do I connect to Malone Remote Access?
How can I get to my campus h: drive or the r: courses drive?
Why can't I connect to "Malone Remote Access"?
Why is it telling that I am missing a Microsoft patch or security update?
What is Malone Remote Access?
Malone Remote Access is a service that allows faculty, staff, and students to connect to services normally available on campus such as h: and r: drives while off campus or wirelessly.

It uses a technology called Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Networking, or SSL-VPN for short. "SSL" is the same technology that your bank or credit card company uses to make sure your private information is secure when transmitting it over the Internet. The "VPN" part of the name means that a conduit is created between your computer and Malone's network. This allows you to connect to your H: drive and other network locations safely and securely from just about anywhere on the Internet.

What do I need to Connect?
You will need to have a broadband connection to the Internet -- a DSL, cable modem, or equivalent connection. You will also need to use Firefox or Internet Explorer as your web browser.

How do I Connect?
The remote access service is accessible from Malone Xpress or directly at: https://remote.malone.edu A More detailed procedure for connecting, uploading, and downloading files can be found in FAQ 140

Once you have connected to the web page, you will need to sign in with your username and password. This is the same username and password that you use to connect to your email, gateway, and other online services. Select the appropriate group, similar to when you log into a campus computer. Faculty and Staff select "MALONE" and Students select "STUDENT"

Follow the instructions on the screen, you will be prompted to "TRUST" a program that the connector will load onto your machine. Once connected, you will see a "Home" page which gives you links to commonly accessed services such as your H: drive or the courses drive.

This service allows you to download a copy of the file from Malone's servers. You can then open and edit this file on your machine. When you are finished, you must push the file back to the server.

Problems Connecting
The connector that you allow the service to run on your computer checks your computer to make sure it is safe. It checks your machine for missing security and software updates as well as if any spyware, malware, keystroke loggers or other malicious software is resident on the machine. You will not be able to connect to Remote Access until the connector determines the machine is safe to do so.

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