• How do I invite others to a meeting on campus?
  • Can I see if others are busy when I want to schedule a meeting?
  • How can I tell if someone is available for a meeting with Mac Calendar?

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All employees on campus have a calendar set up on Google, but it is up to everyone to utilize the Google Calendar for their Malone events/meetings. You have the ability with most employees to see whether they have something scheduled or not; this is helpful if you want to schedule a meeting with multiple people and want to avoid the classic "back and forth" of whether everyone can make a particular date and time!

This will work for all faculty and staff at Malone as long they keep their campus calendar up to date. We encourage all faculty and staff to keep their work/campus calendar up to date.

When inviting people to an event in the Calendar application, you have the option to see if someone has a prior meeting set up before sending an invite. This feature is similar to the ‘Scheduling Assistant’ offered in Microsoft Outlook (which is synced with Google Calendar).

NOTE: Unless you have given others special permission, they will only be able to see whether you are free or busy. They will not be able to see the title or location of events/meetings you have listed in your calendar.

Open the Calendar program on your Mac. On the left side of the program, you should see a list of all the Calendars you have set up on your computer. (Note: If you do not see this list, you may need to click the ‘Calendars’ button in the top left of the program to show your calendars.) Before going any further, make sure your Malone/Google calendar is selected.

Create your event on the date and time you would like to meet. Once your event is created, double-click the event and select ‘Edit'.

An information box about your event will appear with details about your event. You will want to click “Add Invitees” within the information box.

You can now invite people by entering their Malone email address. The application will show you if there is a conflict (see red square below) or if the invitee can attend (see green square below). Alternatively, you can view ‘Available Meeting Times’ in a service similar to the ‘Scheduling Assistant’ feature present in Outlook (blue square).

‘Available Meeting Times…’ will not appear until you have typed in the email of a Malone Faculty/Staff member. Clicking ‘Available Meeting Times…’ will bring up the availability of the people you have listed based on what they have on their Malone Calendar. You can move your event by dragging it to another slot during the allotted time span.

Please note: when using the ‘Available Meeting Times…’ feature; if a user is using a different program for their calendar (e.g., Hotmail Calendar or another Gmail Calendar) that is not Malone linked, you will not see any of their meeting times. ‘Available Meeting Times…’ is only effective if the members you are inviting are actively putting appointments in their Malone Gmail Calendar thorugh whatever program they choose (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

Much like Outlook, once completed, the invitees will be sent an email asking them if they would like to accept or decline your event invite. If they accept, the event will be placed on their Calendar and you will be notified that they have accepted your invitation.

Additional Information
  • Instructions for completing a similar procedure in Outlook for Windows is available in FAQ 310
  • You can invite distribution lists but will not be able to see whether the individual members are available or not. Example: To invite all the members of the "faculty" or "staff" lists, type their list names into the invitees section of your meeting.