• Can I play different greetings on my voicemail for special situations?
  • Can I set up a holiday or away greeting for when I am out of the office?
  • When does my "closed" greeting play?

With the approach of the summer or holiday breaks, we send out a note to faculty and staff to remind them how to set up their alternate greeting over the break.

Every staff and full time faculty member has a telephone extension and voicemail account. The first time you call into your voicemail, you set up a password and your standard greeting.

Voicemail: a message left via telephone which, on Malone's campus, is stored as an email attachment.
Greeting: The recorded message which welcomes a caller when an incoming call goes to the Voicemail system.
Holiday: As far as the Voicemail system is concerned, is any day which campus offices are closed.

Specialized Greetings
Tips for Playback
Specialized Greetings
In addition to the standard greeting, there are four other greetings you may or may not choose to utilize. You must record and activate these greetings before they will work. These greetings are available when you call into the Voicemail system and select the "greetings" menu option (option 4 from the main menu). Listen to the prompts to learn how to set up each greeting.

The Alternate Greeting is probably the most useful and most used of the four extra types. This greeting is useful for when you are out of the office or want to let the caller know of a special situation or reason that you are not at your desk. This greeting will trump all other greetings -- if it is activated, it will play no matter who calls you or when they call you. One of the great features of the Alternate Greeting is that you can set an end date and time. This means that you can set it and not worry about having to remove it when you return to the office.

The Closed Greeting, when recorded and activated, will play outside of normal business hours. Most accounts have the normal 8am-5pm Monday through Friday schedule associated with them (in the summer, we modify the schedule so that the closed greeting plays beginning at 4:30pm). This means that during evenings and weekends the Closed Greeting would play. If you use this greeting, leave it generic. Say something like "You have called outside of normal business hours". Do not make this message specific to a special day (such as a Holiday -- see below) because you will likely forget to change it back. You may end up wishing someone seasons greetings in July. You can laugh, but it has happened.

The Busy Greeting plays when you are on your phone and someone tries to call you. If this greeting is recorded and activated, you can leave off the part that you are "either busy or on the phone with someone else" from your Standard Greeting.

Finally, the Internal Greeting is meant for calls that originate within our campus telephone system. You may choose to leave a different message for those who call you from on campus versus off campus. It may be a more personal message or it may describe an alternate way to get a hold of you. Record and activate this greeting to further tailor your greeting to your preference and your audience.

There is a holiday schedule within the Voicemail system. If you have a Closed Greeting, it will play all day on holidays because the offices are closed.

If you want to record a special Holiday greeting -- say for the extended Christmas break -- we recommend that you record an Alternate Greeting just before you leave.

Tips for Playback
Off Campus Access:
Many people know that you can check your email from off campus at http://www.gmail.com. You can check your voicemail from off campus too. One way would be through email but you can also call into the system and check it via telephone. Call 330.588.7070 and follow the prompts. You will be asked for your "ID" which is your extension and then your "password" which is your numeric pin you set up when you first called into your voice mail account.

Waiting for the prompts:
You do not need to wait. If you know what options you want to access, you do not need to wait for the system to ask you. Example: When I check my messages from off campus, I begin typing my ID and password in as soon as I hear Jodi's voice. I dial *8308#pincode# and if I know I have messages, I hit "1" right away to begin listening.

Playback from a telephone:
There are many things you can do to get through a message while listening to it from a telephone. Say you have a slow-talker, you can press "6" to speed them up. Alternately, you can slow them down by pressing "4". "7" will rewind the message a few seconds and "9" will fast forward a few seconds. "1" will replay. "2" will Save, "3" will delete.

Playback from a computer:
If you prefer to listen to your messages from your email client (typically Outlook), then you are probably accustomed to clicking the Voicemessage.wav file and having it load into Media Player or some other player.

You can always contact the Help Desk if you have any questions or issues. We can be reached via email at helpdesk@malone.edu, via the web at http://www.malone.edu/helpdesk or by phone at 330.471.8428.