Phiz, Creating or Editing Groups

I'm a faculty member, how can I create a group that contains all of the students in my course(s)?
How do I create or edit a group on the Phiz?

To create a group, first locate on the Phiz the first person you wish to add to your group. Hover your mouse over their record, and click on the "Add to group…" box that appears below their photo. In the dropdown that appears, select "New group…" and enter a group name in the dialog box that appears. To add more members to this group, repeat this process, but this time select your group’s name from the dropdown.

To view or edit a group, select “My Groups” from the upper-right corner and select your group’s name from the dropdown in the window that appears. From here, you may click on group members’ names to view full information, click and drag to reorder members, or sort using the interface at the bottom of the window. Group members can be removed from your group by clicking the “Remove” button below their picture.

Automatic Generation of Course Directories
As of October 10, 2012, faculty can sign into the Phiz and see a "My group" that contains the students enrolled in each of the courses that they are the "instructor of record" for.
  1. Sign into the Phiz from Malone Xpress
  2. Click the "My Groups" link at the top of the Phiz
  3. A window will appear with a drop down list that will contain a group for all of the courses you are teaching.
  4. Select the group containing the course for which you want to see a directory.
  5. A listing appears of each student in the course. Click the "Create PDF" button.
  6. Check or uncheck the fields you want to appear on the PDF document.
  7. Click the "Create PDF" button at the bottom of the window.
  8. Another window will appear with the prompt, "Click here to view your PDF." Click the prompt.