How do I use the alternate greeting?
Can I record a different greeting when I am on vacation?
Can I record an away message for my voicemail-- much the same way I can set an "out of office" notification for my email?
Using an alternate greeting

The alternate greeting allows you to record a special "out of office" greeting without overwriting your normal greeting. While this has always been part of the voicemail system, an enhancement now allows you to set an end-date for this alternate greeting. This eliminates the need to remember to turn the alternate greeting off after returning from vacation or from your day away from the office.

To record and activate the alternate greeting

  1. Log into the voicemail system as you would normally.
  2. At the prompt, select "4" for setup options
  3. When prompted again, select "1" for greetings. The current active greeting will play. In most cases, this will be the standard greeting. Remember that you can press "#" to skip the playing of the active greeting
  4. Once more, at the prompt select "2" for alternate greeting.
  5. The next prompt will allow you to set an end-date for the alternate greeting. Option "1" will set an end-date. Select "2" for no end-date.
  6. Set the end date according to the prompts.
  7. Once the end-date is set, the current alternate greeting will play. When prompted, option "1" will allow you to re-record the alternate greeting. Press "#" when you are finished recording your greeting.

For short
The system allows you to speed type options into it, meaning that if you know what the prompt will say, you need not wait to hear it. Here are some strings that you might find useful:
  • To activate and record the alternate greeting to end tomorrow at 8:00am: 41#211800#1#1<record greeting>#
  • To activate and record the alternate greeting to end one week from today at 10:00am: 41#2171000#1#1<record greeting>#
  • To deactivate the alternate greeting: 41#2