How do I add to my list of trusted sites?
To use Remote Access for full screen access to myapps, you must first add the site to your “trusted sites.”

  1. First you will need to open up your preferred web browser
     (Internet Explorer, MozillaFireFox, etc.)
  2. Using Internet Explorer you will select “Tools” as seen below:

  3. Select "Internet Options"

  4. In the new popup you will need to select the "Security" tab then "Trusted Sites" and lastly select the "Sites" option.

  5. Once you select the "Sites" option a new dialog box will appear titled "Trusted Sites."  You will need to add " to the trusted sites.

  6. Select "ADD" to add the new trusted site.  You will see it appear as a trusted site.  

You have now added the Remote Access as a trusted website.

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