When can I call the Help Desk(s) ?
Who do I contact for eCollege or eCompanion problems?
When are maintenance windows for services provided by IT?
When are maintenance windows for other web-based services used by Malone Students, Faculty and Staff?
There are two separate Help Desks at Malone. The Distance Learning Help Desk provides support for eCompanion and eCollege courses, as well as The Learning House (Moodle) courses. The Information Technologies Help Desk provides support for other technology needs on campus.

Help Desk Information for Information Technologies
How to contact us:

Hours of Operation for the Information Technologies Help Desk:
  • Phone support available Monday - Thursday 8am- 7pm and Friday from 8am- 5pm EST.  
  • Office hours are Monday - Friday: 8am - 5:00pm except during Community Worship hour on Wednesdays from 10-11am. Summer hours are 8am - 4:30pm EST.
  • 24x7 via "emergency" option in the Help Desk Telephone Prompt. This transfers to one of our cell phones. Please leave a message if our voice mail picks up with your name, the nature of the issue, and a return telephone number.

Hours of Operation for the Media Services Desk:
  • 8am-10am Monday through Friday
  • If you cannot make it to the window when it is open, you can make a reservation for equipment or services via email with 24hours of notice. Send equipment requests to helpdesk@malone.edu. All gear will be assembled and ready for pick up from the library circulation desk. You must have a Malone ID or Driver’s license to prove identity when picking up equipment.
  • Equipment drop off can also be done at the library circulation desk

Help Desk Information for Distance Learning
The Distance Learning Office provides Student Services and Technical support for the Online Learning Program and eCompanion course systems. It is a separate department within Malone University with whom IT works closely, but it is a separate support resource.

The Distance Learning Student Services Help Desk is available Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm EST.

The Distance Learning Technical Help Desk provided by our educational partner, eCollege, is available 24/7.

Maintenance Window for IT Services
There are regularly scheduled maintenance windows during which Information Technologies can patch and repair servers and systems we maintain. The windows run every Friday evening (Saturday morning) and Saturday evening (Sunday morning) from 12:30am to 7am EST.

Maintenance Window for eCollege and eCompanion
The eCollege service through which most of our Distance Learning and online courseware is performed has a once monthly maintenance window which varies from month to month. When it occurs, it is typically between the hours of 3am - 6am EST (1am - 4am MST)